Sync your devices using Phone link app to use android smartphone, & some selected Samsung and HONOR devices on PC via www.aka.ms/addpc. This app alerts users for any call or message, provides option to view, edit drag or drop them between the devices. Besides, it notifies via customised banner alerts and to continue chats on PC without even unlocking your phone. Take a look at the points mentioned in this guide-

  1. What is www.aka.ms/addpc?
  2. What are the benefits of syncing devices?
  3. How do I get Phone link app
  4. How to sync my phone with PC?

What is www.aka.ms/addpc?

To quickly access your phone’s content on your PC, the URL www.aka.ms/addpc is required. It is quick-access link that allows you get phone’s contacts, make or receive calls & messages and view & edit photos via Phone link. Besides, get customised banner alerts of phone’s notifications directly on PC. This updates you to continue your chats without even unlocking phone. All in all, Phone link enhances your efficiency at work and affects productivity too.

What are the benefits of syncing devices?

After you walk through the steps to setup Phone link, you get access to following on PC:

  1. Make & get easily phone calls on cellular networks.
  2. View, share or drag & drop your photos between devices and apps.
  3. Enjoy chatting with people by sending photos, emojis, GIFs and other media.
  4. See message history & any group chat.
  5. Explore people from contact list.
  6. Get notification alerts via customised banners.
  7. Remain focussed by activating “Do Not Disturb” mode.
  8. Users can mute phone.
  9. If bluetooth is turned on, see battery percentage.
  10. Listen melodious songs & skip “now playing” songs.
  • For users with Windows 10 & 11, www.aka.ms/addpc comes preinstalled, which you just need to search on the search bar & Launch it. And for users with version earlier than these need to update their OS Version. They may get it downloaded on Microsoft Store.
  • In order to sync devices, you’ll need to have Link to Windows app downloaded on Android device. On the other hand, it comes preinstalled on selected Samsung and HONOR phones.
  • Android Operating system version should be Android 7.0 (Nougat) or above version.
  • In addition to this, both Phone & PC should be connected via common Wifi network.

NOTE: On Google Play Store and Galaxy Store, this app is found with “Link to Windows”. And on Microsoft Store see it under name of ‘Phone Link’.

How to sync my phone with PC?

Follow below given steps to start syncing devices using PC with www.aka.ms/addpc :

  1. Go to the search box on taskbar & type “Phone Link” on it. And, select it.
  2. Select your device as”Android”.
  3. Now, sign-in your microsoft account, if you haven’t did it earlier.
  4. On your Android device, install or open companion app by searching “aka.ms/yourpc”(displayed on PC) on web browser.
  5. Further, sign -in into the companion app via same account.
  6. Return back to PC again, here check the “I have the Link to Windows app installed on my phone” box.
  7. Tap “Pair with QR code” and a screen with QR code appears.
  8. Choose “Link your phone and PC” on Android device.
  9. Select “Continue” when “Is the QR code on your PC ready?” appears.
  10. Now, use android device to scan the shown QR Code.
  11. Give permissions to what all you need to access via PC.